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Apple & Cinnamon Large Soy Scented Candle
Apple & Cinnamon Large Soy Scented Candle
Apple & Cinnamon Large Soy Scented Candle
Apple & Cinnamon Large Soy Scented Candle
Apple & Cinnamon Large Soy Scented Candle

Apple & Cinnamon Large Soy Scented Candle

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Scent Description

An excellent festive blend combining warmed spiced and baked apple with top notes of cinnamon, apple and orange, heart notes of cinnamon and apple and base notes of coumarin - smells good enough to eat!

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Delivery Information

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About Codandle

Our products are manufactured in the heart of the Rhubarb Triangle, West Yorkshire. With Codandle, you can always expect:

   ✓ Absolutely gorgeous scents that give a beautiful throw

   ✓ Vegan-friendly natural soy wax in every candle and melt

   ✓ A UK Family-Owned Manufacturer based in the heart of Yorkshire

   ✓ 100+ Hours Burn Time giving excellent value for money

   ✓ Recyclable and eco-friendly materials wherever possible


We wanted to make our candles as natural as possible. All our products are eco and vegan friendly and we only use the finest fragrance oils to scent our natural soy wax.


Wherever possible, all of our products are recyclable and environmentally friendly, right down to the jar and lid. Once you have enjoyed your 100+ hour burn candle you can wash the jar out with warm soapy water and re use it or simply recycle it.

Candle Safety Information

Please read and follow the below safety advice & instructions for our Candles...


Never leave a burning candle unattended. Burn candle out of reach of children and pets. Always leave at least 10cm between burning candles. Do not burn candles on or near anything that can catch fire. Do not place candles in a draught. Trim wick to about 1cm before lighting. Always snuff out the candle. Do not blow out. Keep the wax pool clear and clear of matches and other debris to avoid flaring. Never burn the candle to less than 2cm of wax at the bottom of the jar. As the wax burns down the jar, the glass jar may become very hot. Always make sure to place the candle on a heat resistant surface.


Top tip for a clean burn: On the first use, allow the wax melt pool to reach the edge of the jar. Your candle may experience a small carbon build up on top of the wick (called “mushrooming”) which is normal and expected and can help to promote a clean burn, extending the lifetime and scent throw of the candle. After extinguishing the flame, and the wax has cooled, trim the wick with Wick Trimmers to 1cm.

Wax Melt & Burners Advice

Always follow the instructions that are specific to your Wax Melt Burner device. You can add the whole wax melt or a piece of the wax melt, depending on the size of the burner’s bowl.


When the fragrance is no longer present, remove the heat, wait for the wax melt to cool, remove the cooled wax with a spoon and wipe clean with a warm cloth.




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